Self-knowledge in any form can be helpful for a coaching client looking to make changes or to achieve their goals with greater confidence, but an especially useful piece of self-knowledge is how a client learns best. Meta-cognition, or the concept of better understanding one’s own learning preferences, allows clients to set themselves up for success when they are trying to learn something new by choosing modalities and methods for learning that work best for them.

Some clients, for example, will learn best when someone else shows them how to do something (this can happen in person, through a YouTube tutorial, or otherwise). Other clients learn best by reading a set of detailed instructions. Other clients learn best by clicking all the buttons to see how they work.

Here are some powerful questions focused on the concept of meta-cognition:

  • What are some of the ways that have been most helpful for you to learn in the past?
  • What methods do you prefer to use when you are learning something new?
  • What are your favorite ways to learn something new?
  • What makes learning fun for you?

Having a clear understanding of how your client prefers to learn new things can help both you and your client make better decisions about how to move forward with helping them to achieve their goals.