Frequently Asked Questions

How is the training program delivered?

The training program is delivered via Zoom through synchronous group sessions that are recorded. Individual coaching observations also take place via Zoom.

What is the time commitment for each course?

For each training course, participants should expect to spend a minimum of 4-6 hours each week on the various training elements, including synchronous meetings, readings and independent study, practice coaching, and other requirements.

Is this training accredited by ICF?

Yes! This program became an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with ICF in March 2021 and was updated to a Level 2 accredited program in August 2022. It was also accredited as a Level 1 program in June 2023.

What languages is the program offered in?

This training program is currently only offered in English.

What courses do I need to take to earn an ACC-level ICF credential?

To fulfill the training requirements for an ACC-level ICF credential, you would need to take at least 60 training hours. Mentor coaching hours are also required.

In this training program, those training hours can be satisfied through a combination of the following three courses: Coaching 101, Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client, and Mentor Coaching.

If these three courses are completed, you will be able to graduate from the Level 1 program.

What courses do I need to take to earn a PCC-level ICF credential?

To fulfill the training requirements for a PCC-level ICF credential, you would need to take at least 125 training hours. Mentor coaching hours are also required.

In this program, those training hours can be satisfied through a combination of the following courses:

Coaching 101; Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client; Values-focused Coaching Tools & Confronting Obstacles; Habit Building, Creating Change & Group Coaching Fundamentals; and Mentor Coaching.


Coaching 101; Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client; Values-focused Coaching Tools & Confronting Obstacles; Client Confidence, Self-trust & Independence; and Mentor Coaching.


Coaching 101; Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client; Habit Building, Creating Change & Group Coaching Fundamentals; Client Confidence, Self-trust & Independence; and Mentor Coaching.


Coaching 101; Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client; Values-focused Coaching Tools & Confronting Obstacles; Habit Building, Creating Change & Group Coaching Fundamentals; Client Confidence, Self-trust & Independence; and Mentor Coaching.

Completing 5 courses in the curriculum (three of which must include Coaching 101; Coaching Foundations & Championing the Client; and Mentor coaching), will allow you to graduate from the Level 2 program.

Students may also take portions of a Level 2 program and apply this training towards an ICF credential.

Portions of a Level 2 program are accepted as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) if the student has completed at least 30 hours of the Level 2 program.

Portions of a Level 2 program are also accepted as Continuing Coach Education (CCE) credits if the student has completed 29 hours or less of the Level 2 program.

How are payments collected for the courses and packages?

Once you decide to join the training, a personalized invoice is created to reflect your payment choices. This invoice is shared both digitally and via PDF, and offers the option of credit card payment.

If you are paying for the training through institutional funds, the invoice can be addressed to an individual of your choice at your institution.

What if I need to withdraw from the program? Do you offer refunds?

If a payment has not been made for the coach training program, you can withdraw at any time from the waiting list.

If a payment has already been made for the coach training, that payment may be applied to a future offering of the training if your withdrawal is temporary.

If you need to withdraw permanently before the program has started, a full refund minus any shipping expenses for the coach training manual can be processed.

If you need to withdraw permanently after the program has started, a pro-rated refund will be processed and will be dependent on the date of withdrawal.

Do you offer information about how to build a coaching business in this program?

I offer a separate program called “Slow Hustle” that is a 12-month mastermind on creating a values-driven business. You can learn more about this program on the Slow Hustle website.

How can I ask additional questions about the program?

The best way to get all your questions answered about the coach training is to sign up for a 30-minute Q&A session. There’s no pressure to purchase and this session is a great way to see if the training is a good fit for you and your professional development goals.

I'm ready! How do I enroll in this coach training program?

There are two ways to enroll in this program:

1) Sign up for a 30-minute Q&A session. This is the best way to see if the training is a good fit for you and your professional development goals, and you can tell Katie in the session if you know you want to enroll.

2) If you know you are ready to enroll and don’t have any additional questions about the program, or if you have already had a Q&A session in the past, you can send an email to [email protected] and let Katie know which coach training cohort you would like to join.


Participating in Katie’s coach training training is without a doubt the best professional investment I’ve ever made. Coach training has given me the tools to help people in the ways that I’ve always wanted to, supported me in launching my business, and given me space to engage in meaningful reflection with a community of peers. Katie’s coach training program has equipped me with the tools and skills to hold space for clients as they grapple with life’s challenges. What’s more, connecting with other new coaches through coach training has provided me with so much professional and personal fulfillment! I know that the relationships I’ve formed in this program will continue for years to come. Coaching has been fulfilling and grounding in ways I never could have imagined. I can’t recommend it enough!

Chelsea Heatherington

Owner & Coach, Chelsea Hetherington Coaching

The way that Katie sets up her coach training program is so accessible and facilitates real, in-depth discussion and learning, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with other participants in the program both during the classes and in between/after the sessions. Everything is clear, well presented, and all materials are provided well ahead of time. There is plenty of time for questions and the atmosphere is relaxed and collegiate, yet with real skill development. I would have no hesitation in recommending the coach training program, and already have done to several people!

Sarah Hughes

Founder, The PostGrad Common Room

Though I had been informally practicing as a coach/consultant before taking Katie’s training, I now feel confident and prepared to work with clients in one-on-one, group, and professional settings. This training is a combination of learning about the core competencies and practices of ICF coaches as well as a weekly opportunity to practice skills with a cohort of folks I’ve become very close to as we share this journey. I especially appreciate the focus on working with academics–we are a unique bunch, and Katie’s experience working with folks in higher ed really helps us bring our contextual awareness to the fore with academic clients.

Rebecca Pope-Ruark

Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Author, Agile Academic Consulting

Coach Training has been the best investment I have made in both my professional and personal development. I have gained invaluable skills that have helped me hold space for clients, as well as be more impactful in my professional role working with faculty and students. The comprehensive training is also incredibly supportive, and Katie has created a wonderful learning environment. I am excited to see how my coaching skills will continue to develop in my work with clients and the different ways I can use my coaching presence in my work and life.

Amy Corron

Associate Director/Lecturer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

If you are interested being a coach, then this is the coach training program you should consider investing in. The applied learning skills, rich resources, and community of practice wrapped around this coach training has been invaluable. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from the wealth of Katie’s coaching experiences, but you will also be surrounded by a group of peers to work through coaching scenarios, try out tools, and ask powerful questions of one another. Beyond the preparing for ICF credentials, this training program will enhance your own coaching practice and how you lead with a coaching mindset.

Laura Pasquini

Consultant & Coach, TechKnowTools, LLC

Katie creates such a safe atmosphere for learning and knows how to nurture a community of learners. I felt supported in every step of the way, both by the amazing participants that were in my cohort, and of course by Katie who knows how to coach people to deepen their trust in themselves. Even though some of the classes were taking place at my 1-3am (I was in Europe at that time) it was totally worth it, and I would do it again without hesitation!

Electra Eleftheriadou

Owner, Electra Eleftheriadou, PhD Coaching | Consulting | Facilitation

I highly recommend Katie Linder’s coach training. Katie is a masterful facilitator and coach, and I particularly appreciated how much hands-on practice coaching we did in pairs and small groups. I was also inspired by the supportive culture of the classes where we felt safe enough to be vulnerable in the reflective and sometimes very personal work of coaching and being coached. Katie’s printed coach training manual (which arrived in the mail before classes began) continues to serve as a core text and reference guide, and also served as a nice tactile complement to the online training (synchronous & asynchronous). Maybe most important of all, I now have a supportive community of friends and colleagues all growing together as coaches.

Hoag Holmgren

Coach & Writer, Hoag Holmgren Coaching

This program has helped every aspect of my professional and personal life. I feel confident in the knowledge and skills I acquired through training to launch my own coaching business. In my work setting, my listening and facilitation skills with other faculty and students are markedly stronger. Even my interactions with family and friends has grown deeper and more meaningful. I cannot recommend this journey enough!

Rebecca Campbell

Consultant/Coach, Rebecca Campbell, PhD, LLC

Katie’s Coach Training helped me to develop a coaching presence – an ability to sit with others, without judgment, holding space for them to process and move forward in their goals. She took me from a teaching facilitator full of advice, sharing what I would do, to a person who can ask a series of questions to support others’ self-discovery.

Katie created a space for us to learn through theory, seeing examples, and putting the theory & skills into practice very quickly. This was then immediately followed by reflection with opportunity to raise conundrums and/or struggles from our recent practice. Not only did I learn the foundational skills of becoming a coach but I have the tools, resources, and support (from Katie and the community she created) to continue developing my practice in the years to come.

I am forever changed by the experience of becoming a coach and learning in the community Katie has created and continues to nourish. I am grateful!

Amanda R. Smith

Professor, Western Oregon University

My first coaching course was with a general training program. I was thrilled to find Katie and her training tailored to higher education. I was much more comfortable with colleagues who understood the college context and working with Katie who is highly regarded in our field. Learning how to coach puts you in a vulnerable place, and Katie sets a warm and welcoming environment that promotes your professional learning. I graduated the program ready to apply for ICF certification as well as with a community of practice in Katie’s online community. I highly recommend Katie’s program. 

Kim Burns

Owner, Dr. Kim Burns Coaching & Consulting

I looked at dozens of coach training programs – and then finally found Katie’s. I was excited because the program is specific to higher education, and I knew that with Katie’s background, it would be meaningfully structured, valuable for building my coaching skills, and effective at preparing me for the ICF credentialing process. It was absolutely the right choice for me.

The experience of being in a coach training program with fellow higher education faculty and professionals made it even more meaningful and validating, and much more of a community. I remember being nervous for the first few breakout room practice coaching sessions – and then I realized that many of us felt the same way. I appreciated all of the resources Katie shared throughout the program, from the training guide to the podcast episodes where we heard Katie coach and be coached, and more. Throughout our 7-8 months, I felt more and more competent and confident as a coach, and I see coaching skills showing up in more and more of my interactions outside of coaching.

Katie is an incredible coach, and she held space for each of us throughout the program. The observation and mentor coaching sessions were really helpful as well. The thought of listening to my own coaching session felt stressful at first, but Katie was supportive in helping me build my confidence and enhance my skills.

I also appreciated how we could talk candidly in class about starting a coaching business. Through a few in-class discussions and peer coaching sessions, I took that leap (even though I wasn’t sure I was ready). I invested in this program for my professional growth as a coach and with the goal of setting up a coaching business at some point in the future – and I’ve also had the opportunity (and confidence) to weave coaching into my full-time role.

I’ve already recommended Katie’s program to a few contacts and will continue to do so – the value of the program is unmatched, and even more so when you consider the community aspect.

Krista Vaught

Owner, Dr. Krista Vaught Coaching & Consulting

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