When a client is working on trying something new, they may need to shift their perspective in order to reframe how they approach the experience. For example, taking on a playful perspective when trying a new form of sport or exercise can result in a very different experience than taking on a competitive perspective.

As a client is approaching a new change, consider asking what perspective they think will be most helpful for them to create and sustain that change in their life. It may be that they need to go “all in” to take the change seriously, like drastically changing a morning routine or a way of eating. It may be that a client wants to “ease in” so that they can take small steps one at a time to ensure that they stick.

Each client will have a different idea of what perspective will be most helpful and meaningful for them, and this perspective might change based on the different kinds of changes or experiences the client wishes to have.

You can also ask your client what perspective they are taking with the coaching engagement as a whole. For example, are they coming from a “self help” perspective? Or a “learning and growth” perspective? Or a perspective of “reflection and evolution”? Each of these perspectives could help to guide the coaching engagement in different directions.