Playful experimentation is a way for a client to take calculated and/or creative risks in order to learn more about themselves and the world around them. It can also help a client to feel less pressured about trying something new in their life or work, or to become re-energized if they are feeling bored in a particular area of their life.

Experimentation is “playful” because it is meant to be fun, so keep that in mind as you explore this method with your clients. As you encourage your client to think about the areas of their life where they may want to playfully experiment, consider the following:

  • What area of their life most needs an energy boost?
  • Where do they feel like they might benefit from a change?
  • Where do they feel the most creative energy right now?
  • What have they been wanting to try, but haven’t yet?

If a client is new to playful experimentation, or expresses nervousness about it, ask them to consider where they already engage in playful experimentation in their life already. Consider the following areas as possibilities:

  • Cooking
  • Journaling (or writing that no one else sees)
  • Exercise
  • Art-making as a hobby

Playful experimentation is easier for some clients when they include an accountability method (i.e. sign up for a class, schedule it into their calendar, engage a buddy, etc.).